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  • Environmentally friendly: Reusable cotton vegetable bags are 100% natural cotton mesh polyester-free, nylon-free, plastic-free, unbleached and biodegradable, and can be reusable, recyclable, no waste.
  • Convenient life: washable, helpful for storage and ordering bread, nuts, legume, fruits and vegetables at home - material allows for visibility at the cashier, Make your life easier.
  • Good quality: The high quality mesh bags with weight are extra stable processed. The seams are double and extremely resilient. With a strong bond you will certainly not lose fruits and vegetables.
  • Size: 3 pcs  L-30cm*40cm /  M-25cm*30cm / S-20cm*25cm 
  • Function: ➊The design of cotton mesh has good air permeability and makes fresh fruits and vegetables unperishable➋The bags will absorb the excess moisture from the supermarket "freshness mister" ➌The design makes the bag easy to close and the items inside will not fall out. t)

Reusable Produce Bag

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