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NATURY SHOP is an e-commerce of sustainable products, founded by an Italian in London and than repatriated back on the slopes of Vulcano Etna, in Sicily.


The aim of this project is to help people easily find products that can be an alternative to single use plastic.


The brands represented have been personally researched and tested before promoting them to our customers. They have passed a careful analysis respecting ethical values, healthy for us and harmless for the environment.


Since our launch NATURY SHOP has found a strong national and international interest, and we are very happy to be a small part of this consumer revolution.


We sell eco-friendly products, and make sure to offer plastic free shipping.

We deliver in recycled cardboard boxes, with vegetable-ink based and 100% biodegradable packaging. The packaging is designed with a very simple print and the intention to let you reuse the box , many times, before ending up in the recycling.


Furthermore, we are proud to contribute to reforestation projects in Europe thanks to our customers. For each order received, we plant a tree through an english association, The National Forest.


We are looking for a valid association operating in Italy, so please do write us for some suggestions! We would like to "green up" our beautiful country.

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