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This ethical and sustainable konjac sponge is a completely natural and vegan! It is made from the konjac root, a native plant to Eastern Asia.

This plastic-free sponge is ideal for an eco-friendly vegan skincare routine, it can be used for gently exfoliating your face as part of your everyday routine, leaving your skin fabulously soft and smooth.

The konjac sponge is natural and will biodegrade, it is perfect for zero waste living that is kind on the planet and your skin!

When dry, the konjac sponge feels hard but once moistened it becomes silky soft and extremely gentle on the skin


⦁ 100% Natural
⦁ Vegan
⦁ Plastic-free
⦁ Eco-friendly & Sustainable
⦁ Biodegradable & compostable
⦁ Can be used on sensitive skin, babies & children




Vegan Conjac Sponge

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  • Ethically and sustainably sourced, this konjac sponge is made from the konjac root, it is 100% plant based and vegan friendly. This natural sponge has been used in Japan and other Eastern countries for thousands of years to gently cleanse sensitive areas such as the face and baby’s skin.

    The konjac sponge is made by the konjac root being ground down to make a flour which is mixed with water and baked until it becomes a soft sponge that is ideal for cleansing.

    Your konjac sponge shouldn’t be wrung out, it should be left to dry naturally.

    Replace your sponge every 2-3 months.


    Hydrophil’s konjac sponge is packaged in a recyclable card box.

    The konjac sponge itself os completely natural and biodegradable, meaning you can compost it when it needs to be replaced.

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