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Soapnut shells are the natural alternative to washing detergent, and literally grow on trees.

This product is package free to avoid any packaging boxes. It comes with a complimentary cotton bag to add the soap nuts and help you with your ecofriendly laundry.


It can be used as vegan laundry detergent ,natural surface and floor detergent (diluted in water). 


The Soapnut can be used at all temperatures from 30° – 90°.


– Antimicrobial properties. Removes microbes from laundry and surfaces.

– Natural anti-fungal properties.

– Hypoallergenic

– Great for removing odours

– 100% biodegradable.

– Not tested on animals.


How to use

The soap nut shells release saponin (soap) when it comes in contact with water. They break down the surface tension of the water and oil in the wash reducing the surface tension of the water aiding it in freeing dirt, grime and oils from clothes. Essentially this is how chemical detergents clean our clothes…but now you can do it without chemicals!


Add few soap nuts in the complimentary cotton bag for your ecofriendly laundry.



100 gr




Soapnut Laundry Detergent - Package free

€ 5,00Price
  • Package Free

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