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This cream offers natural sun protection while the added beeswax and almond oil nourish the skin.

A natural and strong sun block that is ekind on your skin and safe for the planet.


Natural & safe sun protection

High protection SPF 50+

Nano free

Marine life & reef safe

Sustainable & ethically sourced

100% recycled card tube



30 gr



The Amazinc Mineral

Mineral Sunstick Suncream SPF 50

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  • A combination of common minerals that are surprisingly efficient as UV filters:

    Zinc Oxide - White or slightly yellow amorphous powder, it is found within calamine ore. Zinc oxide is used in Amazinc's sunblock as an active compound which provides mineral UV filter for the skin. Zinc oxide is even used to cure certain skin irritations due to its anti-virus capabilities. It is non allergenic and non-toxic.

    Kaolin Clay & Magnesium Oxide - Kaolin is a mineral substance which consists of naturally occurring mineral kaolinite and tiny grains of aluminium silicate. Structurally it is a white powder that covers the skin and scatters the UVA & UVB rays. On top of its sun protective attributes, it provides a smoothing agent. Magnesium oxide is white or slightly yellow amorphous powder, it is found within calamine ore.

    Beeswax - Amazinc use beeswax as a natural stabiliser which helps create a consistent and water repellent layer on the top of the skin. Beeswax has natural antibacterial properties while helping to lock in moisture and protect the skin. People with allergies to bee products could potentially develop hyper sensitivity of the skin where the product was used.

    Lanolin - Naturally produced in sheep's skin, adeps lanae is a yellowish viscous compound, it helps to protect the wool against drying out. It is an organic compound which is used in Amazinc's products as natural emulsifier. It enhances durability of the products and help repel water. Under sun and salt water exposure it helps the skin to stay moist and protects against drying out.

    Almond Oil - Rich in Vitamin E, almond oil is also great for softening and conditioning the skin and is well suited for an array of challenging skin problems including itchy and severely dry skin. Sweet almond oil is light and penetrates the skin easily. Amazinc's almond oil is cold pressed from 100% pure almonds and is then winterised. It is light amber in colour and possesses a characteristic nutty aroma.

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