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This ladies shaving soap bar makes your shaving ritual comfortable, natural and easy.


The soap produces a rich foam that makes the razor blade extremely easy and the disinfectant composition prevents redness and plugging of the skin.


* excellent result - the skin is smooth, silky and radiant

* less inflammatory bumps 

* travel friendly



Rub the soap on wet skin until a firm, rich foam forms. Use a razor blade to shave. We recommend the bamboo razor.

Do not use deodorant for 12 hours after shaving. It can irritate your skin.



Cardboard pack




Ladies Shaving Soap Bar

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  • Himalayan salt gives rich foam and makes shaving easy and comfortable. Shea butter is an excellent skin softener that relieves irritation.        Rosewood oil scent is used in medicine for its anti-inflammatory and disinfectant benefits

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